School governors are ordinary people from the local community who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. They are the largest volunteer force in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards through their three key roles of setting the strategic direction of the School, ensuring accountability, and being the School’s ‘critical friend’.

Almost anyone can become a school governor. All new governors receive training and support from the School, the Local Authority and their fellow governors. If you are interested in assisting the School in this way, please ask the School Office for further details.

Members of the Governing Body are:

LA Governor: 

Co-opted Governors:
Mrs K Fernandes (Chair)
Mr P Dighton (Vice-Chair)
Mr J Hitchens
Mrs D Rodriguez
Mrs J Tunney

Associate Govenors:
Mrs K Dalal


Parent Governors:
Mrs S Dowe
Miss E. Griffith
Ms D Cole

Staff Governor:
Miss L Judd (Class Teacher)

Mrs C Jamil


Name Category Date Appointed Term Served Register of Interest Comment
Christalla Jamil Headteacher 30/4/2013 None
Karen Fernandes Co-opted (Chair) 23/10/2014 22/10/2018 None Chair of Governors
Hadleywood Primary
Diane Cole Parent 29/9/2016 28/9/2020 None
Karolyn Dalal Associate 16/07/2015 15/07/2019 None
Peter Dighton Co-opted
26/03/2015 25/03/2019 None
Sarah Dowe Parent 06/06/2016 05/06/2020 None
Erica Grifiths Parent 01/06/2015 31/05/2019 None
John Hitchens Co-opted 13/02/2014 12/02/2018 None
Leanne Judd Staff 16/05/2014 15/05/2018 None
Debbie Rodriguez Co-opted 13/02/2014 12/02/2018 None
Janice Tunney Co-opted 27/6/17 26/6/2021  None