Bringing Learning To Life

Bringing Learning To Life

March 29, 2019 8:35 pm

Bringing Learning To Life

This week it was Year 4’s excursion. They travelled to Hampton Court and enjoyed a day in the life of the Tudors. I must share the fact that once again, staff at Hampton Court and members of the public commented on our children’s exemplar behaviour and impeccable manners. #EPSkidsrock #EPSteachersrocktoo



Netball Champions

Our Netball team not only won the Borough League, they also won the Borough Tournament. Well done girls! We are all extremely proud of you. Behind every successful netball team is a competitive, yet wonderful netball coach. Thank you Mrs Colocassis for the hours of training and encouragement that went into supporting this great team.


Enfield Singing Festival

Once again our learning travelled trough song. Six local schools got together to perform at the Borough Festival. Well done to our Year 3 pupils for beautifully representing Eastfield.

Farwell Pauline

We held a spectacular send off for our wonderful Lolly Pop lady who has served the streets outside our school for over a decade. Though it was an emotional send off, we all wore beaming smiles as we sang a song, specially written for Pauline by our music guru, Mr Heard, “We Will Miss You Pauline, Thank You Pauline”.

The Author: Christalla Jamil

Christalla Jamil

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