Special Assemblies!

Special Assemblies!

January 26, 2018 9:05 pm

Primary Engineer Leaders Award

Natalie Michael, our D & T coordinator, arranged for an engineer called Cyril P Molony to visit us on Friday 19th January. He led a whole school assembly to talk to us about engineering and what he does.

This Friday Cyril returned him to hold another session where the children got the opportunity to interview him and ask any questions they had.

This is all a part of a fantastic opportunity to get engineering on our curriculum for all pupils from Years 1 – 6. We will also be entering a competition. Natalie will post more information nearer to the time.

 The children really did enjoy our two visits from Cyril!

Road Safety Theatre Performance

On Friday, the Immediate Theatre Company delivered a performance to Years 5 and 6 surrounding road safeties.

This was a brilliant performance, involving the audience. The pupils had to consider the dangers on the road and precautions that they can take to ensure their safety.  The children thought it was exceptional and many of them have said that this performance has made them think more carefully about the choices they make when on the road. Many thanks to Miss Goodfellow for organising this wonderful event.


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Christalla Jamil

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