Spring 2

Spring 2

March 3, 2019 10:24 am

It really did feel like spring was in the air when we opened our doors on Monday to welcome back our children. The sun shone brightly perfectly complimenting the beaming smiles our children wore.

Year 6’s Excursion to The London Zoo

On Tuesday, Year 6 set off on their trip to London Zoo. They had a wonderful day looking at the variety of animals and taking part in sessions led by the zoo. They explored endangered animals, had an opportunity to classify bones and even got to hold some of the animals whilst looking at their habitats. They loved the gorillas and the monkeys. Many actually liked holding and observing a “rat”…eeek! All in all a great day was had by all.


Active 15

Mrs Colocassis has been busy setting up our Active 15, which mirrors The Daily Mile you may have heard of. With the continued support of the borough’s brilliant PE team (Sally Porter) and coaches from Tottenham Hotspur (Malek and Sam), we did it. We had over three hundred pupils, actively involved in a 15 min run straight after lunch. This will now happen ever day to support our well-being agenda.

The National Space Centre Visit

Year 5 pupils were extremely lucky this week. Robin Mobbs, from the National Space Centre, came to visit Eastfield. The children learnt about the different astronauts that have been to space and they investigated the colour of rockets, using infrared lights. They were able to ask questions, take measurements and observe parts of the moon, observe a piece of mars and they even looked at a piece of dinosaur poo from millions of years ago! What a busy week we had!

The Ivy Learning Trust’s Annual Conference

Saturday saw the second Annual Governance Conference for our family of schools. We warmly welcomed Walker Primary School and we all took part in a variety of activities that celebrated our progress over the last 18 months. As a newly formed MAT, it was a joy to see and hear the choirs from all our schools, collectively and collaboratively singing our Ivy song that the children actually wrote themselves. Thank you to all our families who brought the children to Theobalds Hotel at 8:30 am to have a quick snack before performing to the governors, members and trustees of our MAT. The breakfast baps were rather yummy!

The Author: Christalla Jamil

Christalla Jamil

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