The Verulamium Museum

The Verulamium Museum

March 22, 2019 6:03 pm

A Note From Mrs Gambuti

Year 3 had an amazing time this week when they visited The Verulamium Museum in St. Albans. They had the opportunity to look at ​the hypocaust, which was the under-floor central heating system used by the inventive Romans to keep their homes warm! They were able to touch and ‘shake hands’ with the Romans by handling artefacts from nearly 2000 years ago.  The children’s prior knowledge enabled them to use their subject -specific vocabulary which really impressed Celia – our activity teacher! The children were so engaged and really made the most of the Museum! What a joy it was to bring our history learning in to real life! All the staff and members of the community at the museum complimented our pupils on their manners and exemplar behaviour. Well done Year 3!

Sports Update From Mrs Colocassis

This week our football team played a local Enfield school and won 4-1. What a brilliant result!

In netball, our girls won two matches on Wednesday 5-1 and then our B team were also triumphant with a win of 11-0. On Friday they won again. The netball team are literally on fire.

Year 5’s River Walk

Year 5 had a great time going on a river walk in our local area. The children put in to practice what they have been learning in geography. They really enjoyed it.

The Author: Christalla Jamil

Christalla Jamil

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