Yes I Can!

Yes I Can!

October 21, 2016 5:28 pm

Yes I Can!

There are all sorts of wonderful things that happened during the Paralympics this year. They helped us, as a school, to reassess what we can achieve with what we already have. The Paralympics promoted a positive attitude that has echoed throughout this half term… The “Yes I Can” attitude.

This was clearly illustrated in yesterday’s values assembly led by Mr Statham. Here we all celebrated our children’s achievements linked to being ambitious and aspirational.



We were extremely lucky to have had two visits this week from the NSPCC. They led assemblies and workshops too. Their staff commended our pupils’ behaviour and ability to immerse themselves in the topics discussed. Our priority is to keep our children safe and the visits certainly did support the children’s learning around being safe.





Year 3 have been writing non -fiction leaflets linked to their topic work. They look great and clearly show case the children’s learning.




Year 4 became secret agents this week. They were busy solving many mathematical “secret M problems”…





Please talk to your children about the strategies they used to solve their problems.

Thank you to our glorious CiA for holding our first ever table-top event. Thank you also to all who came to support us. It was lovely to see so many families and past pupils too.

Miss Judd and Ms Shallcross travelled to Piccadilly last night to attend the Primary Science Quality Mark Awards. We received a silver award for our work in science over the last year. We would like to thank our great teachers and children for this achievement that we are extremely proud of.


Today Year 5 performed their space assembly. This was the perfect opportunity for our children to showcase their learning this half term. The hall was alive with singers, dancers, musicians and actors. We were all whisked into space and have since safely landed back on Earth. Well done children your performance was spectacular. Thank you to all our Parents who came to watch. It was a wonderful community atmosphere.

This afternoon it was our third and final Black History Month assembly as the term drew to a close.  This week we were visited by Shahida Trayling.  Shahida is a manager for the NHS and helps to oversee many hospitals in the area.  She told us her story of arriving in England from Pakistan at the age of 7 and described what it was like starting at a new school where she was unable to speak the language and being the only child there with brown skin.  After she left school she became the first person in her family to go to university where she trained to be a midwife.  During her talk she also described the work that the NHS does and how there is a great variety of jobs within the service, including nurses, doctors, radiotherapists as well as chefs and porters. Perhaps in the future, some of our Eastfield children will go on to work for the NHS!


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Christalla Jamil

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