Autumn Term

Year 6 – Animals from the walls!

Animals have been coming out of the walls in year 6! Not only have year 6 written fantastic stories inspired by the writing of Neil Gaiman, they have also crafted some superb paper mache animals heads which make our school hall look fabulous. Next time you are in school, look out for them.

Whole School – Black History Month

Friday 7th October saw the start of a series of Black History Month assemblies that are set to take place at Eastfield Primary School. Our first guest was Brian Kerr, who was joined by his colleagues Toby and Donovan. Brian is a former professional table tennis player, who has led a quite extraordinary life. As well we being a wiz with a table tennis bat, he also plays the drums, does charitable work with the BAT foundation to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s, met the queen, taken photos of celebrities such as Thierry Henry and played drums during the London 2012 Olympics! During the assembly told us about the journey he has taken through his life and also demonstrated his table tennis skills by playing Mr Anderson with a whole host of items, including a frying pan and a slipper! He also gave some tuition to some lucky volunteers on how to serve as well as how to properly hold a bat.

It was wonderful to have such a talented man in our school to help to inspire us all. We look forward to meeting again when Brian visits our school to see some of the children’s assemblies!




Summer Term

Year 2 – Sea Life Adventure Aquarium

On Thursday 7th July 2016 Year 2 visited the Sea-Life Centre in Southend. The children explored habitats that included many species of fish as well as lobsters, eels, rays, turtles and sharks. They were also very excited to touch a starfish and a crab. We were very proud of the way the children behaved, especially being sensible around the animals. We all had a great day and even managed to find Nemo!


Year 2 – A Visit from the Fire Safety Officer

On Wednesday 6th July 2016 Year 2 were visited by a Fire Safety Officer from the London Fire Brigade. The children learnt how to keep their homes safe and what to do if they discovered a fire. They watched a cartoon, learnt some safety rhymes and a song. Two children even dressed up in a firefighter’s jacket, trousers and helmet!

June 2016 Violin and Cello Concert

June 2016 District Sports at Lee Valley Sports Centre

Our boys won the relay and are through to the finals next week. Well done to all who took part.